Centurion A10 Gate Motor


The Centurion A10 is capable of handling sliding gates up to two tonnes in mass, and in arduous operating conditions, the automatic choice for commercial and industrial applications is the A10 industrial sliding gate motor.

The CENTURION A10 uses a three-phase AC motor and electronic inverter to provide ultra rapid opening and closing of the gate. The speed can be increased from 16 up to 30 metres per minute and is adjustable between opening and closing. The inverter’s added advantage of total speed control, makes for the fastest, smoothest starting and stopping of any sliding gate on the market in addition to extending the long term reliability of the system. Combining the running characteristics of the three-phase motor and the efficiency of the inverter, the Centurion A10 continues to run cool even in high duty applications.

Although the Centurion A10 uses a three-phase motor, thanks to the inverter, it still connects to a standard 220V AC single phase supply making the unit the ideal gate motor for virtually any domestic and industrial application. The clever design of the mechanical aspects makes installation quick and easy.

In addition to the already exceptional benefits of the standard A10, an optional DC converter module can be added to give battery backup. Solar power can be used to recharge the batteries enabling even the most remote sites to enjoy the security and convenience provided by the automatic choice in sliding gate motors. Or go DC from the start with the all new Centurion D10 or Centurion D10 Turbo

Main features

  • Smooth and strong
    A punier operator would move your big gate very grudgingly – resulting in a lot of rattling and wobbling that takes a serious toll on your system’s longevity. The A10‘s powerful inverter and three-phase motor combination treats even the most massive gate like it’s a featherweight – moving with a silky smoothness that ensures a long and healthy life.
  • Boundless energy
    A DC-to-DC converter1 provides reliable battery backup ensuring that during a power failure, your two ton gate doesn’t become a two ton wall. Ensuring that you can always get in – but criminals can’t.
    DC Converter battery backup module for A10 is an optional extra
  • Jam-free manual release
    You don’t have to be a weightlifter to move your gate. In the highly unlikely event that your A10isn’t able to perform, an easy-to-use jam-free manual release allows you to get in or out, without tearing any muscles.
  • Intelligent speed control
    What is power without control? With our intelligent speed control, you can set up your gates the way you like them. The A10 can be set to open a one ton gate at speeds of up to 30 metres per minute (16m/min for a heavier gate) for your security, then close slowly for added safety. If you’re worried about someone sneaking in behind you, set your gate to close rapidly – and slam the door on crime.
  •  Alert and agile
    This mighty giant is far from clumsy. The CENTURION A10 has the grace of a ballerina. Our DOSS (Digital Origin Seeking System) keeps track of the gate position at all times and ensures pin-point stopping. This reliable positioning makes installation quick and easy and your gate will never overshoot the mark and damage itself. Plus, there are no external limit switches to fit or adjust – the A10 does everything for you.
  • Small appetite
    This brute won’t devour all of your electricity. The A10‘s three-phase induction motor runs on single phase power so you won’t have to install an expensive power supply just to feed it. Get all the power of three-phase – but pay only for single phase.
  • Personality
    The A10 has an operating mode for any application and will feel equally at home operating a townhouse gate or an industrial access point.
  • Staying power
    Inertia doesn’t exist in the A10‘s universe. Our A10 generates starting and running torques that makes other gate motors feel particularly inferior. Our die-cast aluminium gearbox is the very definition of rugged. Being so strong means that you never have to strain – the A10 will last longer as its parts are never put under any serious stress. The three-phase motor and extremely efficient inverter drive allows the A10 to operate at duty cycles up to 80% – so it just keeps on going and is perfect for high-volume applications. Install, set and forget.
  • Sensitive
    With great power comes great responsibility. The thought of a two ton gate bearing down on your new car or puppy gives us the shivers. Fortunately, the A10‘s brute force is kept in check by ourextremely sensitive anti-crushing protection.


A10 Endurance – A rapid and robust operator for commercial and industrial gates up to 1000kg,
A10 Heavyweight – An all round performer for gates up to 2000kg


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