About Us

About Us

Director Francois Korff (Left) Mega Partner JT FOXX (Right)

About Us – CMG – Gate Motors first of all, presents itself as a division of ISS – IT and Security Solutions Pty (Ltd.). Secondly, we are focused on delivering expert products and services. Being “Brand Specific” we utilize the sales and technical workforce of our suppliers. In order to give you the utmost assurance on quality and service.

We are in the market to cater to your very specific automation solutions and therefore, extend our relationships beyond the residential requirements.

We are involved with the Africa Mega Partnering program and encourage business with ever expanding world’s best entrepreneur Mr. JT FOXX. (http://www.entrepreneur.co.za/author/jt-foxx/) Picture on the left depicts the Owner of CMG – Gate Motors (Francois Korff) partnered with ISS – IT and security Solutions (www.itandsecurity.co.za) and Mr. JT FOXX.

CMG – Gate Motors, in conjunction with ISS – IT and Security Solutions PTY LTD. Aim to provide you with utmost customer satisfaction.  Of course, from conception to completion.

We are in an ever growing and demanding market with cutting edge technology implementations. For this reason, not only do we sell products we install as well.

Customer satisfaction can be found here: http://www.itandsecurity.co.za/index.php/testimonials